Paris open to Incorporating esports

Video players could be competing for medals.

Tony Estanguet told The Associated Press that he will hold discussions with the IOC and representatives concerning the prospect of gaming joining the 2024 program.

The explosion in popularity of events, attracting crowds of youngsters has seen gaming. Although details of are to be provided it will become a game by the 2022 edition.

Following its competitor agreed to take the 2028 Games, Paris is going to be verified as 2024 hosts in an International Olympic Committee gathering in Lima, Peru.

Estanguet believes if the Olympics is to maintain its relevance for new generations of 27, that a competition of prowess ought to be thought of as a game.

“We must look at it since we can not say, ‘It is not us. It’s not about Olympics,“’ Estanguet stated in London in an interview with the AP. “The youth, yes they’re interested in esport and this type of thing. Let us look at it. Let us meet with them. If we can get some bridges, let us try.

“I don’t need to say ‘no’ in the start. I think it’s interesting to interact with the IOC, together, the esports family, to understand what the procedure is and why it’s such a success{}”

The 2024 program will begin to be formed with a decision on the accession of sport in Paris in 2019 to be taken by the IOC after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“There is some opportunity to examine it, to socialize, to participate,” Estanguet stated. “We will devote some time after (the IOC meeting in September) Lima to engage with new people and stakeholders. The IOC will have the past … say, if they need esports on the app. Let us talk among ourselves.”

Paris is currently gaining the 2024 rights that are hosting . The IOC decided two Summer Games and its bid was abandoned by LA during discussions with Paris and the IOC for 2024.

“We believe that we’re the winner because we’ve got what we wanted,” explained Estanguet, a kayak slalom triple-Olympic winner.

The field was caused by withdrawals by Hamburg, Budapest and Rome amid concerns about the costs of hosting the sporting extravaganza, over a lack of support.

“I need to admit over the past years it wasn’t easy to take a bid,” Estanguet said, “particularly because in Europe you saw what happened to other bidding cities{}”

Estanguet understands that delivering the Paris Games on funding — as promised — is vital to ensuring that staging the Olympics becomes a proposition.

“I don’t want to disappoint … I believe there’s an urgency to deliver promises,” Estanguet stated. “We feel that this responsibility since the start once we launched this bidding.

“We knew we needed to challenge this standing that the budget of these games can burst. That is why we built the project based on 95 percent of current venues to make sure we’ll be confident to have the ability to deliver our promises.”

The estimated cost of hosting the Tokyo Games has doubled to 1.4 trillion yen ($12.6-billion) in the 730 billion yen ($6.6-billion) which was suggested when the Japanese capital won the bidding in 2013.

The infrastructure funding in Paris has been estimated at $3-billion ($3-billion), with operational expenses of $3.2-billion. But Paris wants to construct an centre near a press center, the Stade de France and the Olympic Village.

“I’m sure this edition of the games will build confidence between the IOC, the rings and the people,” Estanguet stated. “This is my mandate today.”

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